Effective and professional product distribution

VIZERY is a software solution that facilitates the distribution of products directly at points of sale.

Thanks to the VIZERY software solution, optimize your time and that of your representatives. Switch to the e-business era by stopping to produce manual invoices that must then be re-entered into an accounting system.

VIZERY allows you to produce professional invoices, which better reflect your company, and print them directly at the points of sale.



Typical Day of a Representative


Start of Day

  • Representative Identification
  • Updating of data:
    • Products
    • Price lists
    • Routes
    • Point of Sales
    • Unpaid bills
    • Purchase orders

Point of sales visits

  • Input of delivered products (barcode or manual scan)
  • Return processing
  • Billing
  • Collection of payments (check, cash)
  • Electronic signature
  • Invoices printing, delivery orders and payment receipts

End of Day

  • Synchronization of data (invoices, payments, etc.)
  • Deposit slip data entry
  • End-of-day report printing


VIZERY offers a great flexibility in the configuration of your operations:

  • Products
  • Categories and products
  • Fixed price or variable weight
  • Product Bar Codes
  • Related Products & Services
  • Clients
  • Multiple points of sale
  • Multiple contacts
  • Custom price list
  • Specific bar codes
  • Routes
  • General price lists


VIZERY allows you to track billing and payments and offers several reports:

  • Billing
  • Payments
  • Account Statements
  • End-of-day reports (details of products sold and returns)
Affordable Solution

Affordable representative material. Works in disconnected mode (no cellular data plan required). Average cost of printed invoices: 1.5 cents ($ 0.015).

Flexible Solution

Multilingual support. Professional invoices. Adapted to the image of your organization.

Hosted Solution

Cloud solution. No server to maintain. Evolution of the solution.